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Marine Grade 10 Gauge Wire

10 Gauge Marine Wire

10 Gauge Marine Wire null

10 Gauge marine wire is resistant against corrosion, moisture, chemicals, and is flame retardant. Ideal for a variety of marine applications including wiring under the dashes, lights, radar, radios and other electronics.

  • Manufactured to meet and exceed UL 1426, US Coast Guard charter boat (CFR Title 46), ABYC and CSA TEW standards.
  • Extremely flexible with a PVC jacket that exceeds all test standards for moisture and oil resistance, flammability and cold bend.
  • It is also resistant to salt water, battery acid, gas and UV radiation.
  • Rated to 105° C dry, 75° C wet (BC-5W2) 600 Volt, and all appropriate ratings are printed directly on the wire.
25-FT 100-FT 500-FT 1000-FT
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4710205 Black Tinned Wire, 10 Ga., 25 ft., (1 MIN) 10.50 1 EA
4710201 Red Tinned Wire, 10 Ga., 25 ft., (1 MIN) 10.50 1 EA