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Power Cable Right Angle Plug - 15 Amp

15A Right Angle Plug

This right angle plug allows you to plug in closer to walls without bending or damaging power cords. Cords can be terminated in 8 different positions. This plug is compact, yet can handle a broad range of cord sizes.

  • Cords can be terminated in 8 different positions (in 45-deg. intervals) so you can direct cords in the most convenient direction
  • Accommodates 0.300" to 0.655" cords
  • Rating: 15 amperes, 125 volts, 2-pole, 3-wire
  • UL File E57672; CSA File LR81290
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75553 15 Amp 3-wire U-blade Right Angle Male Cap (1 MIN) 9.91120 1 EA