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15A Power Cable Right Angle Plug

15A Right Angle Plug

This right angle plug allows you to plug in closer to walls without bending or damaging power cords. Cords can be terminated in 8 different positions. This plug is compact, yet can handle a broad range of cord sizes.

  • Cords can be terminated in 8 different positions (in 45-deg. intervals) so you can direct cords in the most convenient direction
  • Accommodates 0.300" to 0.655" cords
  • Rating: 15 amperes, 125 volts, 2-pole, 3-wire
  • UL File E57672; CSA File LR81290
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75553 15 Amp 3-wire U-blade Right Angle Male Cap (1 MIN) 9.91120 1 EA