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Automatic Wire Stripper with Crimper

Automatic Wire Stripper with Crimper

The Gardner Bender GS-394 self-adjusting wire stripper come with a built-in crimper. This tool strips stranded core wire, solid core wire and crimps vinyl and nylon insulated, and non-insulated terminals as well as ignition terminals.

  • Self-adjusting wire stripper.
  • Strips stranded core wire from 22-10 gauge, and solid core wire from 22-8 gauge.
  • Crimps 22-10 gauge vinyl and nylon insulated, non-insulated terminals and 7-8mm ignition terminals.
  • Color coded markings at each station that correspond with industry standard sizes.
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990225 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with Cutter, 26-10 Ga GS-394 (1 MIN) 38.96 1 EA