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Battery Lugs, Cable Ends, & Crimp Tools

Browse our selection of quality battery lugs and battery cable crimping tools. We offer a variety of different battery lug types and crimping tools with different featured capabilities. Battery lugs are battery cable ends that provide the ability to connect a cable to a battery in vehicles and electrical applications that have a 12 volt battery. Battery lugs are available with a range of different characteristics to meet the requirements needed on varying applications. Some of the different characteristics include gauge size and stud size. Most notably are the differences in lug body material and performance. Available below are 3 different materials: copper, tinned copper, and die cast. Each battery cable end ensures a specific performance will take place, such as corrosion resistance, thicker and stronger connectivity, delivering maximum voltage and maximum current flow, or providing pre-measured and loaded flux and solder. This abundance of unique and individualized characteristics allows you to feel confident that the lug you choose will meet the demands of your electrical or vehicle applications. A line of crimping tools is also available for bending, cutting, stripping, and crimping battery cable ends and insulated battery cable.