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Copper Lug Crimping Tool

Copper Lug Crimping Tool

This die cast crimping tool is designed exclusively for crimping standard copper lugs. The long handles provide an effortless experience. Three crimp dies are included for crimping different sized lugs.

  • 14" handle; 18" over-all length.
  • Able to crimp 6 gauge through 4/0 gauge.
  • Three (3) crimp dies included: Die A crimps 6-4 ga; Die B crimps 1/0-2/0 gauge; Die C crimps 1-2 gauge and without the die insert it will crimp 3/0-4/0 gauge.
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990065 Heavy Duty Crimp Tool 6 - 4/0 Gauge Interchangeable V-Crimp Dies (1 MIN) 255.07 1 EA