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Fuse Panels and Terminal Strip Connectors

Fuse panels and terminal connectors divide an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, creating a centralized point for all fuses and circuit breakers that are protecting different circuits in an electrical application. Fuse panels and terminal connectors also help provide circuit protection. They are designed for, and commonly used with, power distribution systems in vehicles, including automotive and marine. But they are also popularly used in a wide variety of other general electrical applications that require circuit protection. Each panel and strip carries different characteristics and benefits. The difference in characteristics provides you with different specifics that provided different benefits for different applications. The various characteristics include the fuse-type compatibility, the number of circuit positions, and the ability to sub divide circuits. Each panel and connector also provides different conveniences, such as built-in grounding pads, no grounding pads, bussed inputs, partially bussed inputs or individual inputs. The abundance of unique characteristics that the entire line of fuse panels and terminal connectors carry will ensure that the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met. Covers and mounting brackets are also available with some panels to make installation simpler.