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LED Flasher Relay

LED Flasher Relay

LED Flasher Relay null

A LED flasher relay unit is designed for applications where a standard flasher will not work. This LED unit is a solid state electronic device and is specifically designed for use on vehicles fitted with LED lights. The flasher is built to offset the low amperage draw that LEDs operate at and will not cause rapid flashing. Additionally, it has the unique ability to control the flash rate of vehicle LED directional indicators. This can include, but not limited to, light, fog, deck and grill lamps.

  • This electronic-type flasher features an integrated circuit control for reliability and built-in lamp outage indicators.
  • This flasher is designed to work with low draw lamps and will not cause rapid flashing.
  • X = Battery (Power Input), L = Load (Lamp Output), - = Ground (Negative Chassis Ground).
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73975 LED Flasher Unit 2 Pin (1 MIN)
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