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Tinned Wire Starter Cable - 6 Gauge

Tinned Wire Switch-to-Starter Cable

These tinned wire switch-to-starter cables are manufactured from battery cable that meets SAE J112 standards. Each terminal is tin plated and the cables termination point is covered with single wall shrink tube for added protection. Cables are ideal for solenoid switch to starter, golf carts, ATVs and other small cable applications. No minimum order and ships same day.

  • The same high-quality raw cable that is used in our standard battery cables are used in our switch-to-starter cables.
  • These are cut to length, then terminated with tin-plated copper ferrules.
  • Standard color for 6 gauge is black; the standard for 4 gauge is red.
  • Stud size: 3/8"
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412605 12" Switch to Starter Cable 6 Ga (1 MIN) 2.88 1 EA
420605 20" Switch to Starter Cable, 6 Ga (1 MIN) 4.06 1 EA
424605 24" Switch to Starter Cable, 6 Ga (1 MIN) 4.18 1 EA