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Weather Pack Crimpers

Weather Pack Crimper

Weather Pack crimper and removal tools aid in the assembly process of the Weather Pack sealed connector line. The Weather Pack crimper is designed specifically to crimp both the wire to the terminal and roll the terminal over the seal.

  • This crimper (# 906485) is designed for the positive crimping of weatherpack terminals: 20 - 14 gauge.
  • The ratchet assembly assumes a perfect crimp every time.
  • Quality tools for long-lasting and dependable service.
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906485 Weather Pack™ Self-Orientating Crimper, 20-14 Gauge, Delphi 12014254(1 MIN) 183.02 1 EA
906495 Weather Pack™ Crimper, 20-14 Gauge, Delphi 12085270 (1 MIN) 126.04 1 EA