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Headache Racks

Protect your truck from the dangers of the off-road trails with an ARIES headache rack. These headache racks feature a sturdy and durable design and are manufactured with high-quality materials. Get a unique look while also providing excellent protection with an ARIES headache rack or AdvantEDGE rack. The all-aluminum construction and eight-side, 5-1/2” wide tube profile, along with a solid mount system gives your vehicle the protection it needs. The all-aluminum material protects the truck cab and resists surprises from the elements while the octagonal tube profile provides additional strength with a complimentary look. The headache racks also feature a unique mounting system to allow mounting of aftermarket lights along the top edge of the upper tube to give your truck a customized and unique look. Installing the ARIES headache rack is simple and sturdy. The stake pocket mounting system anchors to the wall of your truck bed to provide a secure installation with dependable strength. Find just the right headache rack to compliment your vehicle with one of ARIES headache racks designed to fit your pickups make and model.

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