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HP - Truck Fender Box

UWS truck fender tool boxes provide optimized storage and security for your items in the bed of your truck. They are designed to mount in the truck bed, integrating with the wheel wells to maximize the space for other cargo. Each box features a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, a highly secure stainless steel locking system, a patented RigidCore foam-filled lid and integrated drawers -- all to keep your equipment and valuables safe, well-organized and easily accessible whenever needed. Each UWS truck tool box is constructed from extra-thick aluminum for increased structural strength. The tub is welded together into a single piece for weather resistance and to easily hold heavy tools and other items. The lid features a patented RigidCore foam-filled design, sandwiched between two aluminum plates. This greatly increases the strength of the lid and helps prevent bending and warping, making operation very smooth. The locking mechanism of the UWS fender tool box provides excellent security for your items, featuring a stainless steel, key-operated paddle handle for long-lasting corrosion resistance. For solid protection against the elements, the lid also has a MicroSeal gasket, blocking moisture, dust and insects from getting inside. The lid also opens a full 90 degrees for easier access, and it is equipped with self-opening struts for convenient operation when your hands are full. The three drawers of this tool box allow you to keep your tools well-organized and secure. They are locked behind a small, rear-facing door, keeping them safe from theft and the elements. They are constructed from commercial-grade, precision-injected plastic, and they slide on stainless steel ball bearings and sliders for excellent corrosion resistance. UWS truck fender tool boxes are available in multiple sizes to accommodate any storage need (NOTE: This product is heavily packaged for parcel shipping).

48" Driver-Side Truck Fender Tool Box (FW-48-DS-D Heavily Packaged for Parcel) (1MIN)

48" Driver-Side Truck Fender Tool Box (FW-48-DS-D-BLK Packaged for Parcel) (1MIN)

48" Passenger-Side Truck Fender Tool Box (FW-48-DS-P Packaged for Parcel) (1MIN)

48" Passenger-Side Truck Fender Tool Box (FW-48-DS-P-BLK Packaged for Parcel) (1MIN)