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1-1/8" Standard Split Loom Tubing - 250 Feet

Split loom tubing is standard wire split loom and the most commonly used for organizing and protecting wire runs. The split that runs along the whole length of the conduit makes wire insertion easy and, once the wire run is inserted, the split remains closed. This standard corrugated loom will work with various automotive, marine and industrial wiring applications.

  • Polyethylene split loom has become one of the most popular conduits for holding groups of wires in position and protecting the wires against abrasion or crushing.
  • When bent or twisted, the split basically remains closed.
  • Temperature range: -40° to 200° F, -40° to 93° C.
  • Quality control throughout its extrusion allows uniform thickness for the entire run length.
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1933 Black Split Loom, 1-1/8" (250 MIN)
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250 FT
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