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Analog Meter - 14 Range

This analog tester is ideal for testing AC volts, DC volts, batteries, DC amps, resistance and transistor gain. Designed to keep your fuse and diodes protected, this analog meter incorporates fuse overload protection circuitry. Test your electrical applications with added fuse protection and transistor gain with this 14-range analog tester.

  • Full family of analog multimeters test AC Voltage, DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Continuity, and batteries.
  • Manual range selection.
  • Easy to read, color-coded analog displays.
  • Includes test leads and operating instructions.
  • Agency approved and incorporates fuse overload protection circuitry.
  • Voltage Range: 500V AC/DC.
  • Current Range: 250mA DC.
  • Functions: Resistance 50k; Decibels (on AC V ranges) -20 to +56dB; Battery Testing 1.5 & 9V.
  • Specs: Fuse 250mA; Accuracy +/- 4%.
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19015153 Analog Meter 14-Range (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY) 28.79 1 EA
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