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14/3 Parallel Wire - 3,500 Feet

Parallel wire is constructed of standard-wall; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated wires that are extruded in three side-by-side configurations. Parallel wiring is ideal for wiring trailer lights, small trailers and other applications where economical wire is required. Parallel wires are built to stay together under operating conditions, although they can be easily separated on the end of the run for termination or final connection. Parallel wire is color-coded for easy identification purposes.

  • Standard 3 conductor is available in brown, yellow and green.
  • Del City's parallel wire meets SAE specifications J1128.
  • Temperature rating: 90°C (194°F).
  • Rated to 50V DC.
100-FT 250-FT 500-FT 1750-FT 3500-FT
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83148DL 14/3 Parallel Wire, Brown, Yellow & Green (3,500 ft. MIN)
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