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15A Power Cable Right Angle Plug

The right angle plug allows you to plug in your power cord and application closer to walls without bending or damaging cords. The plug allows for flexibility in where your cords are directed with 8 different termination positions in 45° intervals. With so much variety, finding just the right setup for your power cord is easy. The 15 amp right angle power cable plug is compact, yet can handle a broad range of cord sizes, accommodating 0.30” to 0.65” cords. Get your cords wired up and ready for any plug-in situation with this 15 amp right angle plug.

  • Cords can be terminated in 8 different positions in 45° intervals.
  • Accommodates 0.30” to 0.655” cords.
  • Ratings: 15 amps, 125 volts, 2-pole, 3-wire.
  • UL File E57672, CSA File LR81290.
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75553 15 Amp 3-wire U-blade Right Angle Male Cap (1 MIN) 11.30200 1 EA
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