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Electric Brake Controller - with Dual Axis Accelerometer - Clearance

This electric brake controller is designed to be installed in tow vehicles and used with trailers having 2-8 electric surge brakes. The accelerometer mechanism senses when the vehicle slows down and responds with the right amount of trailer brake pressure to provide a smooth, seamless stop. Mounts in a variety of angles above or below the dash and is self-leveling - no setup required. The digital display provides brake-force details, and self diagnostic by continuously monitoring trailer connection and checking for short circuits.

  • Simple push-button calibration with manual brake control lever and adjustable thumb wheel output control.
  • Compatible with electric over hydraulic systems and with electronic systems (anti-lock brakes & cruise control).
  • Mounting bracket, hardware and instructions included.
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63005 Brake Controller, Dual Axis Accelerometer, 2 to 8 brakes (1 to 4 axles) (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY) Sale Price: 91.03
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