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Round Rubber Grommet for Vehicle Lights - 2 Inch

The 2 inch rubber grommet is a round grommet that is manufactured to specifically fit standard 2 inch LED and incandescent clearance marker lights. This rubber grommet is designed to provide many benefits to your vehicles clearance marker lights including protection and appearance. The grommet improves vehicle appearance by creating a clean and crisp look on the lights. The 2 inch rubber grommet protects by creating a secure barrier from moisture, debris, and other harmful elements that could corrode the lighting wire connection. Not only does the grommet protect from the elements, it is also designed to restore shock protection and security to the clearance market lights. Keep your vehicles clearance marker lights protected, secure, and clean with a fitted 2 inch rubber grommet.

  • Manufactured to fit Del City Clearance Marker Lights: 7630, 7635 & 8535, 8540.
  • Vehicle rubber grommet restores shock protection, provides security, and improves vehicle appearance.
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8805 Optronics A54GB, 2" Round Grommet (1 MIN)
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