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3 Amp, 12V Battery Charger

The versatile 3 amp, 12V battery charger allows you to store a battery indefinitely, keeping it factory fresh without fear of overcharging or boiling electrolytes. Ideal for boats, cars, motorcycles, and small recreation vehicles.

  • Maintains 12V flooded or gel cell batteries rated between 5 & 250 amp hours; also can be used to maintain a charged battery up to 500 amp hours.
  • Complete with a 6-ft AC cord and 4-ft DC output with alligator clips.
  • Fully potted, water and vibration resistant.
  • Input voltage: 100-130V AC / 50-60Hz; Output voltage: 12V.
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
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991505 3 Amp Portable Battery Recharger/Maintainer (1 MIN) 101.68 1 EA
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