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4 Gauge SGT Battery Cable - 25 Feet

4 gauge wire can be found in bulk 500 ft spools, as well as convenient 25 ft coils. This 4 gauge wire is a type of cable called Standard or Ground General Purpose Thermoplastic (SGT), which features a smooth polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation to provide protection against the elements, oil, acids and cracking. This 4 gauge wire is a single conductor of stranded copper. The primary and ideal use of this 4 gauge wire is to provide connection from the battery to power or ground. All runs of 4 gauge wire, from 25 ft up to 500 ft. Additionally, the Del City options include colors of either red or black for each length. Each color is denoted by either 01 or 05 at the end of the part number. For red, 01 are the last two digits, and for black 05 are the last two digits. This cable can be used as a replacement cable for a variety of applications. The spool diameter of a 100 ft spool is 10 ½ “ and 15 ½ “ for a 500 ft spool. This wire is recommended to be used with a dual wall adhesive shrink tube and pure copper battery terminals. When choosing a size for the shrink tubing, ensure the “inside diameter after recovery” is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the cable for proper installation.

500-FT 100-FT 25-FT
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5214205 Black, SGT Battery Cable Coil, 4 Ga (25 ft. MIN)
1.55370 I 1.36480 I 1.32670
25 FT
5214201 Red, SGT Battery Cable Coil, 4 Ga (25 ft. MIN)
1.55370 I 1.36480 I 1.32670
25 FT