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5 Pin Relays with Mounting Bracket - 12V & 24V DC

A 5 pin relay is a remote control electronic switch normally controlled by another switch, computer or control module. Functioning as a standard 12 volt and 24 volt replacement or addition for full voltage, these relays are a great option for equipment existing in vehicles today. The mounting bracket included with the 5 pin relays allows for the relay to be mounted directly to a vehicle or other electrical application. These 5 pin relays are an optimal solution for full voltage applications on a variety of vehicle equipment including head lamps, auxiliary lamps, fog horns, motors for fans, window lifters, air conditioners, heated rear windows, and more. Choose from a 12V DC relay without a resistor and a 24V DC relay with a resistor. Both are designed to deliver superior, long lasting performance.

  • Mechanical life - no load = 1,000,000 cycles at +85° C the N.O. contacts will carry a continuous load of 50 amps.
  • 30/50 Amp 12V DC, 15/20 Amp 24V DC.
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -40° C to 85° C.
  • 896H-1CH-D1-12VDC = Item #73980.
  • 896H-1CH-D1-R1-24VDC = Item #73982.
  • Click here for additional relay information.
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73980 NC/NO Change Over Relay w/Bracket, 30/50 Amp,12V DC (1 MIN) drawing
4.28 I 3.66 I 3.14
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73982 NC/NO Change Over Relay w/Bracket and Resistor, 15/20A, 24V DC (1 MIN) drawing
6.90 I 5.24 I 4.39
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