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Hardwired Surge Protector with Integrated Display - 50 Amp

Progressive Industries Hardwired Electrical Management Systems (EMS) provide full RV protection against all adverse power conditions. You will feel secure with multi-mode surge, voltage, polarity and lost/open neutral protection. Each unit includes a digital display, scrolling continuously through the power source information: Voltage(s), current, frequency, error code, and previous error code (if applicable). Replacement parts are simply plug-and-play, making repairs quick and easy. As with the portable models, the computer is driven by state of the art microprocessors.

  • Over/under voltage protection, open ground, open neutral & reverse polarity detection & protection, accidental 240V protection.
  • Miswired pedestal indication, surge failure indicator, amperage meter display, previous error code.
  • A/C frequency protection, time delay (136 Sec), adjustable time delay.
  • Thermally protected, field serviceable, built-in scrolling digital display.
  • UL Certified and Canadian Approved.
  • Surge Protection: 5-Mode, 3580J, 88,000A
  • Ratings: 50A, 120V/240V, 12,000W
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +105°C
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EMS-LCHW50 50A Hardwired RV Electrical Management System Surge Protector With Integrated Display (1 MIN) 349.00 1 EA