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50 Amp Toggle Switch with Interchangeable Boots - SPST

This 50 amp toggle switch is a SPST switch that is ideal for low-voltage, high-amperage application or projects. The SPST toggle switch housing is die cast with silver plated contacts and heavy copper terminals. The toggle switch is partnered with four (4) different colored boots that can be interchange to match personal preference or application demands. The interchangeable boots provide the switch with additional protection from moisture, dirt, and dust. This 50 amp toggle switch with interchangeable boots is commonly used a boat toggle switch or a switch for any application that is exposed to elements that may get within the switches function. Get the setup and protection your application needs with our 50 amp toggle switch and interchangeable boot set.

  • Two positions with copper screw terminals.
  • Includes four (4) interchangeable colored boots: black, blue, red, and yellow.
  • Recommended mounting hole: 1/2" diameter.
  • Life cycle: 50,000 electrical life cycle and 100,000 mechanical life cycle.
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73244 SPST ON-OFF Toggle Switch w/ interchangeable boots (1 MIN) drawing
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