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Smart Alarm, Medium Duty Back-Up Alarms - 600 Series

Designed to meet all the harsh operational requirements of any fleets equipments, ECCO 600 Series alarms feature a reverse-mounted speaker design and reinforced nylon housing providing unrivaled durability. These alarms are so robust that an ECCOLIFE™ warranty covering the alarm for the lift of the vehicle is offered on all models. SmartAlarm models measure ambient noise and adjust their sound level, creating a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to noise pollution. Smart Alarms eliminate the need for constant manual adjustment and help prevent intentional alarm disconnection.

  • Reverse-mounted speaker enhances sound and protects the speaker from dust and moisture ingress.
  • Reinforced nylon housing eliminates corrosion damage.
  • Sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture and vibration.
  • Steam cleanable and pressure washable.
  • Works on positive or negative ground systems.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
  • ECCOLIFE™ Warranty
  • Connection: 16 AWG blunt cut wires.
  • Recommended Mounting Bolt: 5/16"-18 UNC Grade 5. Recommended Washer: 5/16" Type A, Series N or W.
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ECCOSA931N Smart Alarm Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 82-102dB(A), 12-48V (1 MIN) 89.10 1 EA
ECCOSA980N Smart Alarm Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 82-102dB(A), 36-80V (1 MIN) 87.67 1 EA
ECCOSA901N Smart Alarm Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 82-107dB(A), 12-24V (1 MIN) 66.29 1 EA