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7 Conductor Trailer Cable - 500 Feet

Trailer cable, also known as trailer wire, is manufactured of multiple general purpose (GPT) wire conductors covered by an outer flexible PVC jacket. The internal primary wires are single conductor and are color-coded to industry standards. Trailer wire is ideal for wiring trucks and trailers due to its durability and high resistance to cracking, abrasion, oil, acid and natural elements. Choose 7 wire trailer cable for ABS applications. With no minimum order and same day shipping, find the right trailer cable for your application today!

  • 7 conductor trailer cable consists of seven (7) wire in various combinations of gauge size to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Single conductors are stranded copper, and are color-coded for identification purposes.
  • Configuration One: Six 12-Gauge Wires (red, brown, yellow, green, black, blue), One 10-Gauge Wire (white). For items 97771DL and 97775.
  • Configuration Two: Three 12-Gauge Wires (white, brown, blue), Four 14-Gauge Wires (red, green, black, yellow). For items 97701 and 97705.
  • Configuration Three: Four 12-Gauge Wires (green, brown, black, yellow), Two 10-Gauge Wires (red, blue), One 8 Gauge Wire (white). For items 97721, 97725 and 9772599.
  • Configuration Four: Four 14-Gauge Wires (red, brown, yellow, green), One 12 Gauge Wire (blue), Two 10 Gauge Wires (black, white). For items 97731 and 97735.
  • All 7 conductor trailer cable comes with a black jacket except for item 9772599 which is equipped with a lime green jacket.
  • Available in 100 or 500 foot spools.
  • Temperature Rating: -40°F to 185°F, -40°C to 85°C.
100-FT 500-FT
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97775 Trailer Cable, 7 cond. (12 Ga-Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue/10-Ga-White) (500 ft. MIN)
2.13 I 1.87 I 1.81
500 FT
97705 Trailer Cable, 7 cond. (12-Ga-White, Brown, Blue/14-Ga-Red, Green, Black, Yellow) (500 ft. MIN)
1.21 I 1.06 I 0.96480
500 FT
97725 Trailer Cable, 7 cond. (12-Ga-Green, Brown, Black, Yellow/10-Ga-Red, Blue/8-Ga-White) (500 ft. MIN)
2.07 I 1.82 I 1.72
500 FT
9772599 Trailer Cable, 7 cond. Lime Green (12-Ga-Green, Brown, Black, Yellow/10-Ga-Red, Blue/8-Ga-White) (500 ft. MIN)
2.14 I 1.88 I 1.83
500 FT
97735 Trailer Cable, 7 cond. (14 Ga-Red, Brown, Yellow, Green/12-Ga-Blue/10-Ga-Black, White) (500 ft. MIN)
1.50 I 1.40 I 1.34
500 FT