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AHD Series Connector Receptacle Caps

The AHD Series receptacle caps are a perfect accessory to have for when your female connector assembly is not connected. The cap protects the receptacle assembly from any debris or other environmental ingress. The AHD Series receptacle cap is made from thermoplastic material that is durable and UV resistant for high-quality protection.

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14990006 Amphenol AHDC-16-6, AHD 6-position Receptacle Cap, Grey
3.52900 3.53 I 3.20900 3.21 I 2.78400 2.78
1 EA
14990009 Amphenol AHDC-16-9, AHD 9-position Receptacle Cap, Grey
3.68500 3.69 I 3.24 3.24 I 2.78400 2.78
1 EA
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