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AT Series Plugs with Strain Relief - 6-Way

At Series plug housing with Strain Relief have specifically designed wire cavities to protect each individual wire seal. The cavities eliminate stress on the rear seal and maintain IP67 sealing performance regardless of wire bundle direction or any improper installation. Plug housings are considered to be the male end sealed connector of the AT series connector setup. The housings are made form a thermoplastic material that is durable and UV-resistant. Each plug includes on silicone elastomer wire seal and front housing seal to help prevent against environmental ingress.

To complete a plug assembly, you will need:
One (1) 6-way plug housing
One (1) 6-way plug wedge
Six (6) plug socket contacts

2-WAY 3-WAY 4-WAY 6-WAY 8-WAY 12-WAY
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14066199 6-way Plug with Strain Relief, AT Series AT06-6S-SR01 (1 MIN)
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