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ATO & ATC Fuses, Fuse Taps & Tools

ATO fuse and ATC fuse styles are standard blade fuses commonly found in automotive and marine applications. Del City offers these fuses in both standard and smart glow varieties. The standard ATO/ATC fuse selection is available in 3 amp to 40 amp options and are color coded to automotive industry standards. The smart glow ATO fuses feature an indicator light that illuminates when the fuse is blown, immediately alerting you to the cause of interrupted circuit. The smart glow fuses are available in 3 amp to 30 amp options with standard color coordination. Each ATO fuse and ATC fuse is designed to meet the circuit protection needs of various electrical installs. They are often used in inline holders, fuse blocks, or panels. Additional ATC/ATO fuse accessories are also available including ATC/ATO fuse taps, pullers and testers are also available for ensuring a secure setup and easy install.