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Analog Insulation Tester

The analog insulation tester is used to test the continuity and wire isolation of long wire runs. The unit tests DC voltages, AC voltage and multiple mid-scale ranges. This insulation tester is a compact and portable unit and is self-powered.

  • Enhanced multi-colored scales for easy reading
  • Earth resistance read directly fromscale plate
  • Live circuit neon indicator plus audible warning signal
  • Self-powered; no need for hand crank
  • Quick battery check
  • Compact and portable
  • Front panel zero ohm adjust
  • Dust and drip proof construction to meet IP54 standards
  • Operates from (6) AA batteries (included)
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19103232 Insulation Tester Sperry 3132MOV (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY) 476.28 1 EA Call
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