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Angle Nose Battery Pliers - Clearance

These angle nose battery pliers feature a contoured head that is ideal for fitting into tight spaces around the battery to help you get the job done. The battery pliers are constructed of drop forged special grade steel to offer great strength and corrosion resistance against battery acid. Angle now battery pliers are the perfect tool when performing battery installation or removal. They feature high quality jaws for a super grip on hex, square, or rounded nuts. The insulated handles on the battery pliers make them easy and comfortable use while being a safe tool for the user. Get yourself a pair of angle nose battery pliers for your battery and engine compartment projects.

  • Feature a contoured head made of special grade steel and insulated handles.
  • Corrosion resistant and heavy-duty strength.
  • Safe, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • Can be purchased as an individual item (as seen below) or part of kit #9900412.
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