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Auto Meter Z-Series Speedometers - Electrical

Auto Meter’s Electronic Programmable Speedometer provides an easy to install and easy to calibrate solution that will help keep your speed exactly where it needs to be. Compatible with most factory speed senders, calibration is as simple as a two mile drive. Auto Meter's Z-Series Gauges all feature a black face, black bezel, white lettering, and orange pointer. The high performance movements and understated good looks make this series a perfect choice for low-key instrumentation.

  • 0-160 MPH Range.
  • Includes bulb and socket assembly with red and green bulb covers.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Black face, black bezel, orange pointer, white lettering.
  • Full Sweep Electric, Air-Core movement.
  • 3-3/8" Gauge Size.
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4002688 Auto Meter Z-Series Speedometer, 160mph, Elec w/Odo, 2688 (1 MIN) 259.60 1 EA