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Auto Meter Pyrometer Extension Module

Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of Auto Meter’s high precision Pyrometers, it is critical for the accuracy of the instrument that the length of the probe harness never be modified. Unfortunately, some applications require a much longer run than a typical installation. Up until now, there hasn’t been a solution. Auto Meter’s Pyrometer Extension Modules provide an easy, affordable way to extend your harness up to 75’ additional feet with no loss in accuracy or response. Engineered specifically to work with Auto Meter gauges, you’re assured of easy, plug and play functionality and unmatched durability.

  • Easily extend the length of your Pyrometer Probe wiring up to 75 additional feet with no loss of accuracy or response.
  • Ideal for diesel pushers or Marine applications.
  • Simple hookup for Incandescent Lit Auto Meter Pyrometers. - (Sport Comp, Ultra Lite, Phantom, Z Series, Carbon Fiber, Pro Comp and Custom Shop) .
  • Works with late model Pyrometers with 10 pin connector on the back.
  • Pyrometer gauge and probe not included.
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4005257 Auto Meter Extension Module for Stepper Motor Pyrometers, 5257 (1 MIN) 87.95 1 EA