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Demanding Application Backup Alarm

Designed to meet all the harsh operational requirements of any fleets equipment, ECCO's 800 Series alarms feature a reverse-mounted speaker design and reinforced nylon housing providing unrivaled durability. These alarms are so robust that an ECCOLIFE warranty covering the alarm for the life of the vehicle is offered on all models. SmartAlarm models measure ambient noise and adjust their sound level, creating a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to noise pollution. Smart Alarms eliminate the need for constant manual adjustment and help prevent intentional alarm disconnection.

  • Reverse-mounted speaker enhances sound and protects the speaker from dust and moisture ingress.
  • Reinforced nylon housing eliminates corrosion damage.
  • Sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture and vibration.
  • Steam cleanable and pressure washable.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
  • ECCOLIFE™ Warranty
  • Connection: 16 AWG blunt cut wires.
  • Recommended Mounting Bolt: Bottom: 3/8"-16 UNC Grade 5 or Better; Back: 5/16"-18 UNC Grade 5 or Better.
  • Recommended Washer: Bottom: 3/8" Type A Series N Washer; Back: 5/16" Type A Series N Washer
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9140 Back-up Alarm, Heavy-duty, Adjustable 87 to 112 decibles (1 MIN)
107.91 I 96.43
1 EA Call
ECCO820N Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 87/107 Switchable dB(A), 12-36V (1 MIN)
101.60 I 81.25
1 EA
ECCO830N Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 107 dB(A), 12-36V (1 MIN)
93.05 I 75.12
1 EA
ECCO840N Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 97/112 Switchable dB(A), 12-36V (1 MIN)
101.73 I 81.39
1 EA
ECCO850N Demanding Application Back-Up Alarm 112 dB(A), 12-36V (1 MIN)
87.55 I 71.50
1 EA