Battery Cable Ends, Lugs, & Crimp Tools

Del City carries a wide selection of battery lugs, cable ends, and battery crimping tool options. Battery lugs, also known as battery cable ends, provide the ability to connect a cable to a 12 volt battery system in vehicles and electrical applications. Battery lugs are die-cast terminals with a round barrel that tapers to a flat surface with a hole for attachment to a battery post or a stud. While battery lugs will all have this similar shape, they are available with a range of different characteristics to meet the requirements needed on varying applications. Most notably are the differences in body material, performance, gauge size, and stud size of the cable ends. The styles of battery cable ends available include standard or tinned plated copper, heavy-duty, fusion, anti-rotational, and compression cable lugs. Standard copper cable ends are ideal for large gauge applications for power draw or grounding, while the tinned plated copper cable lugs reduce corrosion affects from harsh environments. Heavy-duty copper battery cable ends will deliver maximum voltage when needed, and the heavy die cast copper crimp cable ends provide a thicker and stronger connection. These heavy die cast cable ends are the most ideal terminal lug for large volume users. Fusion battery lugs and splices are a cost-effective and faster solution that still maintains the consistent quality expected from standard battery cable ends. The fusion battery lugs are pre-measured and loaded with correctly metered flux and solder, making installation easy and efficient. Anti-rotational battery cable ends are designed for top post and side mount batteries and are stackable for multiple hook-ups. The stacked terminal lug will be able to lock at 24 different positions for easier cable routing. Copper compression cable lugs provide maximum current flow, and feature a viewing area to ensure that the wire is properly seated into the terminal. Each style of battery cable ends and cable lugs listed is available in varying stud sizes ranging from 1/4'' to 1/2''. The cable ends and battery lugs also come in a wide selection of gauge sizes from 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge.

Each of our battery cable ends ensures a specific performance will take place based on its unique characteristics, allowing you to feel confident that any of the cable ends and battery lugs you choose will meet the demands of your electrical or vehicle applications. Del City also carries a line of battery crimping tool options to partner with our battery lugs and cable ends. The battery crimping tool selections are designed for bending, cutting, stripping, and crimping battery lugs, battery cable ends, and insulated battery cable. Crimping tools are selected based on personal preference and what gauge cable and battery lugs are being crimped. Find all you need to complete your battery project or application with Del City's high quality and reliable battery cable ends, battery lugs, and battery crimping tool options.