Battery Cable Ends, Lugs, & Crimp Tools

Ensure your battery install contains the best electrical components for a reliable and long lasting connection. Shop Del City’s wide selection of battery cable ends, battery lugs, and battery cable crimper tools for that reliable connection. Battery cable ends, also known as battery lugs, provide a secure connection between battery cables and the battery system. To complete this connection, a variety of battery lugs are offered below with a range of body materials, performance specs, gauge sizes, and stud sizes.

From standard copper or tin plated, to heavy-duty and anti-rotational, find just the right fit of battery lug for your install. Standard copper lugs are designed for large gauge applications and a tinned copper version is available for additional protection against harsh environments. Heavy-duty battery cable ends deliver maximum voltage while creating a thicker, stronger connection. Fusion and compression nut lugs are designed for quick and efficient installs. Compression battery lugs provide maximum current flow with a wire viewing area. Anti-rotational cable ends are stackable and lock in 24 different positions for complete versatility. Along with Del City’s large selection of battery lugs, battery cable crimper tools are also available to ensure your battery cable ends have a connection you can count on. The battery cable crimper tools offered are designed for cutting, stripping, and crimping battery lugs to insulated battery cable. Find just the right crimp tool based on personal preference, gauge cable size, and type of battery cable ends being crimped. Del City’s extensive offering of battery cable ends and tools helps ensure you meet the specific demands of your project or install.

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