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Continuous Motorized Battery Switch

This continuous motorized battery switch rated at 275A DC is conveniently remote controlled and can be mounted alongside a battery. This reduces cable lengths and cable sizes to the starter motor and provides a large cost saving in copper cables. The shorter cables also prevent voltage drop.

  • Battery switch can be mounted alongside battery, reducing cable lengths and cable sizes to starter motor (Large cost saving in copper cables).
  • Remote operation.
  • Reduced installation labor, due to shorter battery cable runs.
  • Manual override option to meet CE requirements.
  • Switch off: 12mA; Switch on: 15mA.
  • Switch Operating: 120mA for 3 seconds @ 12V nominal.
  • LED status indentification for remote control switch.
  • Same capacities/specifications and mounting options as standard BEP(tm) battery switches.
  • Uses same interchanging labeling system as BEP(tm) battery switches.
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19013100 BEP 701-MD, Battery Switch, 275A DC, Cont. Motorized (1 MIN) 176.35 1 EA
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