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Blue Sea Systems Battery Switches - M-Series - Single Circuit

These single circuit Blue Sea Systems battery switches offer 300 amps for outboards and small gasoline or diesel engines. These switches switch a single battery to a single load group and feature tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. The studs accept 3/8" (M10) ring terminals and have a 7/8" stud length (22 mm) that can accept multiple cable terminals. Blue Sea Systems one-piece terminal stud design never loosens over time. One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections. Isolating cover with three snap-in side pieces protects rear contacts and allows easy wire access in any direction. Case design allows surface, rear or front panel mounting options.

  • ON-OFF Circuit
  • Cranking Rating (10 Sec.) 1,500A; Cranking Rating (1 Min.) 775A
  • Intermittent Rating (5 Min.) 500A
  • Continuous Rating: 300A @ 48V DC Maximum
  • IP66
  • CE marked, ISO 8846, UL listed - UL1107 electrical power switches. Meets ABYC requirements. Meets UL 1500 and SAE J1171 external ignition protection requirements.
  • Replacement removable keys and removable knobs available.
  • Connect switches together with paralleling link bus bars 5432.
  • Easily mount any M-Series battery switch with switch panel 5433.

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5418 Single Circuit ON-OFF Battery Switch with Key, Red, 300A (BSS 6005) (1 MIN) 31.76 1 EA Call
5419 Single Circuit ON-OFF Battery Switch with Key, Black, 300A (BSS 6005200) (1 MIN) 31.76 1 EA
5420 Single Circuit ON-OFF Battery Switch with Removable Knob, Red, 300A (BSS 6006) (1 MIN) 31.76 1 EA Call
5421 Single Circuit ON-OFF Battery Switch with Removable Knob, Black, 300A (BSS 6006200) (1 MIN) 26.24 1 EA
5428 Removable Key Replacement, Red (BSS 7900) (1 MIN) 3.71 1 EA
5429 Removable Key Replacement, Black (BSS 7900200) (1 MIN) 3.71 1 EA