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Battery Terminal & Lug Kit - 49 Pieces

This battery terminal and lug kit contains 49 total pieces total. Inside are 6 different standard copper lugs, 6 different copper crimp terminals, 5 pieces each of side terminal power accessory and 2 pieces each of universal lead terminals.

  • Replacing a corroded lug or terminal never seemed so easy!
  • This kit contains 49 total pieces, including 5 pcs each of 6 different standard copper lugs 6 ga-2/O, 5 pcs each of side terminal power accessory, and 2 pcs each of universal lead and 6 different copper crimp terminals (8-4/O Ga).
  • All contained within a rugged, grey metal scoop box (13-5/16" x 9-1/4" x 2").
  • For a detailed list of kit contents call 1-800-654-4757.
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