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Flag Barrel Fusion Battery Terminals - Positive

Flag Barrel Fusion Battery Terminals

Flag Barrel Fusion Battery Terminals null null

Correctly metered flux and solder all loaded into a solderable tin plated copper connector, these flag barrel Fusion battery terminals come ready to use. Fusion battery terminals provide for a more consistent quality, faster application, less confusion, and for an overall less costly application process. Fusion strength is twice that of typical crimp or compression connectors.

  • Simply clamp connector into a vise, strip cable to expose 7/8 of wire, heat and insert, and cool to solidify.
  • Made of cast copper alloy, tin plated for added conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Superior reliability for years of dependable service.
  • Up to 70% stronger than crimp method.
  • More consistent quality than any other solder method including traditional wire solder & solder slug.
  • Especially good in presence of destructive vibration or corrosive chemicals.
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91941121 FUSION Battery Terminals, Flag - 2 & 1 gauge, Positive (1 MIN)
11.45 I 8.93
1 EA
91941110 FUSION Battery Terminals, Flag - 1/0 Gauge, Positive (1 MIN)
12.51 I 9.74
1 EA
91941120 FUSION Battery Terminals, Flag - 2/0 Gauge, Positive (1 MIN)
12.75 I 9.93
1 EA
91941130 FUSION Battery Terminals, Flag - 3/0 Gauge, Positive (1 MIN)
13.09 I 10.19
1 EA
91941140 FUSION Battery Terminals, Flag - 4/0 Gauge, Positive (1 MIN)
18.62 I 14.49
1 EA