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Blue Sea Systems Chargers, Plugs, Sockets & Extensions

Blue Sea Systems combination of Dual USB features two ports to charge cell phones, tablets and other devices powered by USB's. They are made with corrosion resistant materials, which ensure a solid contact and low voltage drop. It's protective dust cap with tether keeps dust and spray from shortening the life of the charger. Fits in same mounting hole as a traditional 12 Volt outlet and is compatible with most mobile devices including AppleĀ® products. Blue Sea Systems 12 Volt Plugs and Sockets contain a plug with a moisture proof sealing ring around the shaft to keep out spray and make it seat firmly in the outlet. The plug is designed with an internal strain relief and cord seal, with a built-in 10 Amp fuse. The socket features a watertight cap, easy installation and interlocks with the plug. Designed to withstand the rigors of wet environments and constant vibration. Additionally, we offer Blue Sea Systems USB Extensions, that allow you to control a stereo or other devices remotely from a phone or tablet in the cockpit. Shop today!

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