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Marine Fuse Blocks

Del City carries Blue Sea Systems marine fuse block collection for MAXI®, ATO/ATC®, MIDI®/AMI®, AGC, MDL, and ANL fuses. Each Blue Sea Systems fuse blocks are rated to 32V DC and most are rated to 30 Amp maximum per circuit, 100 Amp maximum per block. The ANL fuse holders are rated 300 to 750 Amp. Blue Sea Systems fuse blocks all feature slightly different characteristics based on the fuses it was designed for and the required circuit setup.

The MAXI® Fuse Block features a snap-on terminal cover that insulates all conductive parts, satisfying ABYC/USCG requirements. The terminal screws compress fuse blades within blocks for low resistance connections. We offer two different Blue Sea System SafetyHubs that are safe for use on gasoline powered boats, reduces wiring connections, and consolidates up to seven or ten fused circuits. The SafetyHub 100 combines an ignition protected fuse block and an integrated connecting plug that accepts three 30−200 Amp MIDI®/AMI® fuses and four 1−20 Amp ATO/ATC® fuses. The SafetyHub 150 fuse block is an ignition protected fuse block with screw termination. It accepts four MIDI®/AMI® fuses for high-amp circuits up to 200 Amp and six ATO/ATC® fuses for circuits up to 30 Amp. The ATO/ATC® independent and common source blocks consolidate branch circuits and eliminates the need for in-line fuses. While the ATO/ATC® battery terminal mount easily adds four fuse circuits to the terminal of a battery, and the split bus marine fuse block contains two isolated 6-circuit blocks with a negative bus. The ST glass Blue Sea fuse block is an innovative design that allows labels, spare fuse storage, and simple fuse removal. ANL fuse blocks accept a wide range of ANL fuses for versatile fuse setup. All Blue Sea Systems fuse holders include a clear insulating cover providing protection while still allowing easy access to the fuses inside. Additionally, we sell Fuse Block Labels that easily organize fuse blocks with reinforced, weatherproof labels. All fuses are sold separately, along with additional marine fuse block accessories.

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