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CinchStrap with Grommets

CinchStrap fasteners with grommets are designed for managing cable bundles inside wiring racks, mobile carts, along walls, or on any other surface. The brass grommet can be mounted in any direction with a fastener up to 1/4", and the pull tab allows easy access to the cable bundle. These durable fasteners are made from the best quality hook & loop fastener, allowing for 10,000 refastenings without loss of holding strength. Available in packs of two or ten.

  • Brass grommet to support heavy cables
  • Pull-tab release
  • Tested for 10,000 closures with no loss of holding strength
  • Nylon construction is sewn, not heat bonded
1 IN X 7 IN 1 IN X 10 IN 2 IN X 16 IN
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9510 Rip-Tie CinchStrap with Grommet, 1" Wide, 7" Long, 2-Pack (1 MIN)
12.12 I 11.32 I 10.76
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9514 Rip-Tie CinchStrap with Grommet, 1" Wide, 7" Long, 10-Pack (1 MIN)
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