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Voltage Sensing Pliers - Long Nose Pliers

The Gardner Bender GPT-80 long needle nose pliers and the GPT-90 linesman pliers combine a standard pliers and a detachable non-contact voltage sensor that displays a red light and rhythmic sound a voltage greater then 50V AC is present.

  • All in one tool! Allows you to cut wire and cable, crimps terminals, twists connectors, strips wire and tests for voltage.
  • Built-in wire stripper is designed for #18 stranded wire.
  • Knurled plier jaws and precision cutting blades.
  • Forged steel construction for long life.
  • Diagonal cutting head.
  • A red light and rhythmic sound is activated if a voltage greater than 50V AC is present.
  • Detachable circuit tester.
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989205 Circuit Alert Long Nose Pliers, 8" (1 MIN) 27.24 1 EA