Battery Covers, Jumper Cable Clamps, & Battery Clamps

Browse our selection of profession grade jumper cable clamps, battery clamps, clips, and insulators. Del City stocks a variety of different style jumper cable clamps and battery clamps along with protective covers and insulators to keep your application running and protected. Our steel alligator clips are ideal for smaller connections and lower amperage applications. While the pigmy battery clamps, or parrot style clamps, are the ideal replacements for damaged clamps on testers and battery chargers. Battery test clips are designed specifically for battery testing equipment on automotive, marine, or general home applications. The standard battery clamps are zinc plated steel with PE coated handles and are ideal as replacements for booster or jumper cable clamps. Premium battery or jumper cable clamps are also available. The premium booster or jumper cable clamps are created with an easy-reach design to make getting to your battery posts faster and easier. Shop our quality battery insulators and covers to protect your battery terminals, battery clamps, and clips from being damaged. Don't let your battery application or jumper cables become unreliable. Keep yourself up and running Del City's selection of jumper cable clamps, battery clamps, and insulators to ensure long lasting durability and safe connections on your battery.