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Cole Hersee Grounded Intermittent Solenoid - 12V SPST

Solenoids are relays that are commonly used to remotely switch a heavier current. By using a solenoid, the amount of heavy wiring needed to power the load is reduced since the control circuit typically uses a smaller gauge wire. Solenoids are used to control starter and winch motors but they also have other uses on a variety of vehicles. Grounded solenoids have one coil connection that is connected internally to the housing. The advantage of a grounded solenoid is that they require less wiring because the coil gets grounded from the housing. Grounded solenoids are ideal for areas where the mounting location is already grounded (or if it will be grounded to the battery) and for mounting areas that are not exposed to corrosive elements.

  • 750A Make/100A Break, SPST Normally Open, 12V DC
  • Housing Material: Plated Steel
  • Contact Materials: Copper
  • Intermittent Time: 10 sec ON - 20 min OFF
  • Contact Threads: 5/16"-24
  • Terminal Threads: Copper; 10-32"
  • Bracket: Curved
  • Bracket Mounting Holes: 5/16" x 19/32" (7.9 x 15.1mm) on 2-13/64" centers (56mm)
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67063 SPST 12V 750A/100A Grounded Intermittent Solenoid (Cole Hersee 24044) (1 MIN)
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