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Crimp Tool for Multi-Contact/Stäubli MC4 - 12-10 Gauge

The Rennsteig Hand Crimp Tool for Stäubli MC4 connectors consists of the PEW12 Hand Crimp Tool Frame and a die set specifically designed for Stäubli MC4 contacts. The tool is a high-precision ratchet parallel crimper with parallel crimping jaws.

  • Crimp Tool Frame is Rennsteig's PEW12 (9990012).
  • Die set can be changed out to any of Rennsteig's over 1000 options.
  • Crimps Stäubli MC4 connectors, 12-10 gauge.
  • Crimps both male and female terminals.
  • Crimps Del City parts 92017, 93017, 94017, 92016, 93016, 94016.
  • Quality construction, made in Germany.
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