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Terminal Ratchet Crimp Tool Set - with Interchangeable Dies

Replace several crimp tools with just one item. This crimp tool ratchet set begins with our popular 990025 Insulated Terminal Ratchet Crimp Tool and adds 5 interchangeable dies for crimping a multitude of terminals. This includes open barrel terminals, insulated terminals, insulated closed-end connectors, insulated double-crimp terminals, and insulated flag terminals -all contained in a convenient black carrying case with included 2.5mm Allen wrench for easy die changeout.

  • Includes crimp tool and 5 interchangeable dies in plastic carrying case.
  • Crimps open barrel, 22-8 ga insulated, insulated closed-end connectors, insulated double-crimp, and insulated flags.
  • Ratchet feature ensures consistent crimp force.
  • The long, insulated handle provides for a comfortable and easy operation.
  • An alignment guide ensures that the dies will not slip during crimping.
  • Features a release lever to release the ratcheting device in case of improper terminal or wire insertion.
  • Gauge Sizes: 20-10 ga open barrel, 22-8 ga insulated, 24-10 ga, insulated double crimp, 22-14 ga insulated flags.

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