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Datcon Industrial OEM Analog Tachometer

This industrial analog tachometer features a design that is rugged enough to assure needed performance in high shock and vibration environments, such as off-highway vehicle applications. This gauge is immune to over-voltage or incorrect installation.

  • Tachometer with hour meter measures your engine's revolutions per minute and records your hourly usage to assist in proper maintenance scheduling.
  • Standard 3-3/8" gauge.
  • Measures 0-4000 RPM.
  • Rated for 12V electrical systems.
  • Designed to use your alternator as a signal source.
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9103684 Stewart Warner 103684, Tachometer w/Hourmeter, 3-3/8", 12V Altenator Feed, 0-4000 RPM 214.27 1 EA
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