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Del City Hi-Amp Panel Mount Circuit Breakers - Manual Reset (Switchable)

Del City hi-amp auto reset circuit breakers are designed to be easily mounting on a flat or panel type surface within your application. These breakers are commonly referred to as type 3 circuit breakers and are similar to standard manual reset breakers. The Del City hi-amp switchable circuit breaker features a push button and lever that allows the user to manually trip the breaker if circuit interruption is required.

  • Meets RVIA and S.A.E. J1625 specifications.
  • Sealed for engine compartment and bilge area applications.
  • Operating Temperature: -25° F to 180° F. Storage Temerpature: -30° F to 300° F.
  • Stud size 1/4", 28 threads per inch.
  • Gaskets for Hi-Amp Panel Mount Circuit Breakers.
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76265 Del City 60 Amp Manual Reset (Switchable) Hi-Amp Circuit Breaker (1 MIN)
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76205 Del City 100 Amp Manual Reset (Switchable) Hi-Amp Circuit Breaker (1 MIN)
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