ECCO Lighting

Del City now carries an extensive line of ECCO lighting products. From emergency beacons and light bars, to warning lights and safety directors - find all of the maximum performance lighting you need for your emergency, utility, or other custom vehicle. Beacon lights are designed to bring attention to your vehicle when added caution for yourself and other motorists is required. Class I, Class II, and Class III ECCO lighting beacons are available, along with a selection of low-intensity strobe options. Mini light bars offer a compact warning solution that is highly visible to other motorists to announce your presence and need of caution. Class I and Class II ECCO light bars are available to meet your specific warning light needs. Back-up cameras and alarms are now available for use on a variety of standard, utility, and recreational vehicles for an audible warning when backing-up. Finally, a variety of auxiliary ECCO lighting options are offered for the unique warning light set-up your vehicle requires. Directionals, work lights, utility bars, safety directors, and warning lights with a variety of mounting, color, and display options are offered. The wide variety of ECCO lighting options offered allows you to create the unique warning light display needed for your vehicles design and intended use. Shop our extensive new line of ECCO lighting products along with our outstanding current line of ECOO lighting and other lighting products.

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