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EEL ShorePower Cordsets

EEL ShorePower cordsets by Marinco have a patented locking system that eliminates the need for the traditional locking ring, creating a watertight seal every time for a safe boating experience.

  • Provides a true, watertight connection due to the new and improved wing-clamp technology.
  • Single-handed operation.
  • No sealing ring needed.
  • Features a secondary locking feature for added security.
  • The built-in LED cord light guides the cordset to the inlet, even in the dark.
  • Meets global industry standards including ABYC and UL.
  • Five-year warranty on cordsets.
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19012114 25' 30A/125V Eel Cordset, Yellow, Marine (1 MIN) 134.58 1 EA Call
19012101 50' 30A/125V Eel Cordset, Yellow, Marine (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY) 177.95 1 EA Call
19012116 50' 30A/125V Eel Cordset, White, Marine (1 MIN) 177.95 1 EA
19012115 50' 50A, 125/250V Eel Cordset, Yellow, Marine (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY) 349.99 1 EA