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EZS7 Trailer Connectors - Trailer Side

EZ Connectors are the first plug/socket combination of its kind that dramatically improves the reliability of the vehicle to trailer connection. With a waterproof and corrosion-resistant make and universal design, the plug/sockets can adapt to a variety of applications. The patented EZ Connector plugs use spring-loaded face-to-face contacts that allows for electricity to easily pass, while eliminating drawbacks and voltage drop issues. EZ Connectors feature double O-ring seals for a waterproof solution that can even be backed right into the water. Neodymium magnets hold the plug and socket together and provides additional support during vibration, abrupt movement, or bumpy conditions, while allowing for immediate release in case the user forgets to disconnect the plug before disconnecting the trailer.

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72203 EZ Connector 7-Way Plug, 6' Cable, Storage, Connection Kit, S7-07-06 (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY)
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